“Easter is the only time when it’s perfectly safe to put all of your eggs in one basket.”

Easter is a celebration that reminds me of the beautiful memories I used to have as a kid. It is a deep and meaningful tradition in which families celebrate across the globe – the necklace – which could be worn during spring, a time before opening the doors to our hearts.

Finally, after some time of cleaning, I have created my own workshop space, I’ve replaced all the chemicals in the metal purifier, and quickly created something to wear for the spring time. I had received a two-ring order, so there wasn’t much time for dilly-dally.

I hope you all had an Amazing Easter filled with relaxation and rooms that were filled with sunlight and joy!


Never leave home without your Pearls!

What I miss most are the seasons of the lilacs flowers blooming . They always remind me of the Baltic Sea, my parents garden, and my childhood

Siandienos spalva – purpurine arba violetine. Ji dar vadinama valdzios ir karaliskosios galios spalva. Tai ganetinai “sunki” spalva, na bent jau man taip atrodo. Taciau, mazas akcentas, pavyzdziui kaip juvelyrinis dirbinys ar kitas nedidelis aksesuaras mane nuteikia visai dziaugsmingai. Visai kitaip su sviesiasniu tonu ir purpuriniu atspalviu audiniais. Juos galiu deveti su pasitenkinimu. Priderinusi siuos juvelyrinius dirbinius prie savo aprangos tikrai jausites lyg karaliene.