Metalsmithing Silver Jewelry


Vintage Agate Pendante


Vintage Silver Apple Necklace

Beautiful silver apple necklace for you to enjoy!


Purple Pearl Unique Silver Ring

Handmade Silversmith ring with purple pearl. Size 9. One of a kind silver ring.


Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Turquoise and silver round beads

Sterling Silver Earrings Stones: Turquoise Round HoopEarrings Diameter of the Earrings: 2.5cm



Sterling Silver Ring with Carnelian Stone Size: 9.5


Silver Necklace with fire agate stone

This pendant was made from stamped .925 silver.


Sterling Silver and Chrysocolla Necklace

Silver Pendant with green chrysocolla stone and silver flower decoration 18″


Silver Earrings with Water Perls

Silver Earrings with Water Pearls


Silver Spoon Necklace with Red Birthstone

Silver Small Spoon Unique Necklace with Red Birthstone


Sterling Silver Ring with Fire Opal Stone

Sterling Silver Ring with Orange Fire Opal Stone


Silversmith Necklace with Deep Red Jade

Handmade Silversmith Pendant with Red Jade and unique stamped silver chain 15″


Fused Silver Pendant with Baltic Sea Glass

Handcrafted Fused Sterling Silver Necklace with Sea Glass This design is one of a kind.


Silver Earrings with Blue Lace Agate

Sterling Silver Earrings with Blue Lace Agate



Red Brass and Silver Pendant 1 inch long Stamped Brass


Silver Earrings with Water Perls and Swarovski Crystals

Silver Earrings with Water Perls and Black Swarovski Crystals Almost 2 inches long


Stamped Silver Ring

Stamped and blackened Silver Ring Size11″



Fused Silver Earrings with White Water Pearls This design is one of a kind


Silver and Rose Quartz Pendant

Sterling Silver and Rose quartz Necklace