My name is Ausma, I was born in a small country called Lithuania; near the coast of the baltic sea. Ever since I can remember, I had always had a passion for crafts, as well as enjoying the uttermost active part of my life. Many of my family members would tell me that I inherited love for artistry from one of my grandmothers, but thinking that I din’t have the creative skills and that it was all just an imagination to be an artist, that is when I took sports into consideration. Of course as time went by I had slowly begun to stop playing sports and had grown a bigger love for hiking when I moved to Colorado. That is where my ideas began to come to life, I was learning how to relax and block out the negativity in my life just by enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Another big hobby of mine is photography which has allowed me to capture all the delightful moments that matter most to me, because there is only so little memory we can hold in our brain when we grow old and so much of it in a memory card. Having a creative mind has allowed me to see beauty in everything and everyone, it has pushed me to become a better, more wiser person and see things from a different perspective. What I always like to keep in mind is that while one person might find something unappealing, another might find it highly pleasing. Which is why I try to seek beauty from both perspectives as it helps me transfer all of this into my jewelry.