“Even very little things can change your destiny and throw you to a different path, to a different fate; you must never forget that even very little things have great powers!” ― Mehmet Murat ildan


Before closing one chapter and opening another we pose to rethink our past, to see how much we’ve grown, what we’ve learned. Before going to a deeper level of our selves to look for our own light which we believe will take us through another decade of endeavors, we begin to understand that nobody was promised life without challenge.

A lot of teachings today would say, you grow from the challenges that you are given. Lets say, that the life I lived would have been perfect. How different would I be from the woman I became today? Does my wisdom support me in the long run or just this moment? Why should we care about our future? Obviously, we don’t even know if we will have a future, but we hope for the best. Living in a moment sounds great, but wouldn’t it be strange being disconnected from our past and not connected to our future? My vision about this misunderstanding is very disturbing. Who would I be without the past generation? Who would I be without my dreams? Aren’t our dreams what connects us to the present as well as future? I see my self being between these two energetic fields. We are just energetic magnets, each breath is like the hair that we braid three times into one that we then call life.

You have the power to make things better, the world more peaceful, nature cleaner, children safer, politicians  more honest, cities more beautiful, people more loving, and knowledge more accessible, but first you have to start within your self. I wish you luck and success, wealth and prosperity. Be grateful for your existence today.

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